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Concrete Machinery Common Equipment

Concrete machinery, the use of machinery to replace the artificial cement, river sand, gravel, water in accordance with a certain mix of mixing to produce construction and other production activities required for the construction of concrete machinery and equipment, commonly used equipment concrete pump truck, cement Warehouse, batching station and so on

concrete machinery operators operating safety requirements

1. Mixing truck operators must go through safety technical training, assessment and obtain the qualification certificate issued by the competent authorities after the certificate holder.

2. The operator must be in good health. Do not operate machinery and equipment if you have a disorder or mental disorder that prevents safe operation.

3. Work should be observed or visit the machinery, the surrounding people and the environmental conditions, shall not leave their positions without permission.

4. The operator must wear safety protection as required. Work long hair should not be exposed, women workers should wear a work cap.

5. Mechanical equipment should not be removed lighting, signals, meters, alarms and guards. Check and adjust the safety guards according to the specified period.

6. Mechanical equipment exposed gear, rotating parts and high temperature, live parts should be equipped with protective cover and other security facilities and has obvious safety warning signs.

7. Mechanical operation is strictly prohibited contact with moving parts, repair and maintenance operations.

8. Machinery on the road must comply with traffic management regulations.

9. Machinery before the bridge, should understand the carrying capacity of the bridge, confirm the safety before passing at low speed. Forbidden in the bridge to the emergency and emergency brake. Before crossing the bridge must pay attention to high limit, confirm the safety before passing.

10. Self-propelled mechanical work, must be checked, brake, steering, signal and safety devices should be complete and effective.

11. When ramp down, no horizontal parking. Longitudinal parking, you must block the cover, and the working device landing auxiliary brake to confirm the brake is reliable, the operator can leave. Rainy season should be parked in the mechanical high ground solid ground.

12. Mechanical work, the staff shall not be up and down machinery.

13. Mechanical equipment in power plants, substations, power distribution room near the operation, shall not enter the danger zone. When working near the high voltage line, the distance between the locomotion path of the mechanical equipment body and working equipment from the high voltage line should meet the requirements in the following table.

Concrete machinery replacement

According to the statistics of Concrete Machinery Association, the holding quantity of concrete machinery mainly includes: 33,931 concrete mixing plants (concrete blocks) of 50m3 / h or more, 44,993 concrete concrete pumps, 39,889 sets of truck pumps and 228,822 mixing trucks. Concrete mixers of more than 350 liters are 200721 units, with a total amount of 548,356 units. Plus not included in the statistics, an estimated 10-15%. According to China's actual conditions Stirring Station (House) Demolition of the old life of 10-12 years, the pump for 8 years, but in fact the use of large projects in China, generous amount of continuous operation of many projects, many equipment such as drag Pumps and pump trucks 5-6 years need to be replaced. Therefore, in addition to the new demand and depreciation needs of concrete machinery in the past five years still have a greater demand. Someone boldly predicted that by 2015, the annual demand for pump trucks will be 30,000 and that of the mixer will reach 100,000.