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Concrete Machinery Harmony

In recent years, the concrete production of computer control technology in the mixing station has been fully popular, the current control of the mainstream hardware amplifier board, Concrete Machinery PLC with instruments and other forms, in software development, including Delphi, PB, VB, C + + and other advanced development Language, to a certain extent, to meet the requirements of today's concrete production. However, today's control system software is constrained to some extent by the hardware of the control system, which is limited in terms of control flexibility, coordination, stability, production speed, measurement accuracy, data sharing, Concrete Machinery statistical analysis and so on. Obviously inadequate, concrete production process needs to be further enhanced at the same time, production control system is bound to face a comprehensive upgrade. A new generation of production control system will be replaced by the network bus control technology and PLC control technology, relying on the Ethernet bus control equipment to control the mixer. The production control logic depends on the Ethernet network to maximize its control scalability, production control logic all by the C # and other high-level programming language to write, Concrete Machinery the software system will be from the flexible control, custom control logic, precision measurement, Concrete Machinery network monitoring, data sharing, no And any computer in the network can be used as auxiliary control side to monitor the main control side of the production control process, Concrete Machinery the auxiliary control side of the main control side of the problem can be given a warning, and the user can set the control indicators according to the authority , The system for the control beyond the indicators can be based on the needs of users do not give support, Concrete Machinery or release to the index creator after the warning.

1. New equipment must be used before the installation and commissioning of professionals in the technical performance of all indicators in line with the provisions and acceptance of qualified before they can be put into use. After the demolition of the equipment after re-assembly of the mixing station, Concrete Machinery should also be qualified after commissioning.

2. Power supply voltage, capacity, frequency, phase sequence must be consistent with the electrical requirements of the mixing device. Motor protection air switch must be selected according to the motor capacity, shall not be arbitrarily increased or with other non-motor protection type air switch replacement.

3. The master switch, knob, button, Concrete Machinery indicator on the operation panel should always check its accuracy and reliability. The operator must be trained and understand the operating procedures and the button, the role of the knob before they can operate independently.

4. Mechanical start should be observed after the operation of the ministries, Concrete Machinery and check the oil, gas, water pressure to meet the requirements.

5. Aggregate specifications should be consistent with the performance of the mixer, particle size beyond the scope of the license shall not be used.