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Concrete Mixer Trucks Composition Requirements

Concrete tanker truck storage tank operation and maintenance methods, concrete mixer truck access to the site and other places more complicated road conditions, the construction and other effects, the road is generally narrow, the road environment is not good. Ordinary bicycle okay, semitransparent driving more difficult, turning radius is larger, not suitable for entering and leaving the site. Especially in construction sites, if it is raining, muddy roads and semitrailers are more likely to slip and get stuck.

Concrete mixing truck loading regardless of whether the feed or discharge are generally by reversing into the mixing station or discharge port, semi-trailer reversing more difficult, in order to pour into the feed port, discharge port are more troublesome, to a certain extent Will affect the efficiency of operations.

And concrete mixer tank transport time there are requirements, generally from feeding to unloading the finished material can not exceed 90 minutes. There is also a very important point is that the domestic concrete market is now in accordance with the party to calculate the price, less running a trip to earn less money trip.

Concrete mixer complete sets of equipment what are the requirements

Concrete mixer truck complete sets of equipment what is the requirement, concrete mixer truck used to transport construction concrete truck, because of its shape, is often referred to as the screwdriver. These trucks are equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum to carry the mixed concrete. In the transport process will always keep mixing drum rotation, in order to ensure that the concrete will not be solidified. After delivery of the concrete, the inside of the mixing drum is usually rinsed with water to prevent the occupied space of the hardened concrete from becoming smaller and smaller.

Concrete mixer consists of: two types of chassis, drivetrain, hydraulic system, rack, mixing tank, feed and discharge device, water supply system, control system, ladder and other parts. The front end of the stirring tank is connected with the reducer and is installed on the front of the rack. The rear end of the stirring tank is supported by two rollers mounted on the back stage of the rack through the raceway.

Mixing truck composition requirements: 1. Control mixer drum rotation direction, so that it is in the process of feeding and transport forward rotation, the reverse rotation of the material. 2. Control the mixing drum speed.

Concrete mixer truck hydraulic system maintenance details

1, concrete mixer hydraulic system should be consistent with the instructions in the manual, not free to adjust. Hydraulic oil and oil quality should meet the original requirements.

2, concrete mixer before loading, should first row of clean water remaining residual water and debris. In the transport process to keep turning to prevent concrete segregation.

3, the ambient temperature is higher than +25 degrees Celsius, from loading, transportation, to the unloading of the extension of time not exceeding 60 minutes, the ambient temperature is below +25 degrees Celsius, the above time shall not exceed 90 minutes.

4, winter construction of concrete mixer should be done, check whether the icing before starting work, carefully remove the remaining water in the mixing tube and the water supply system at get off work, turn off the pump switch, the control handle in the "stop" position .

5, concrete mixer truck unloading at the construction site is completed, the hose immediately with the mixer truck rinse feed hopper, discharge hopper, discharge chute, etc., to remove the sludge and concrete adhered to the body throughout.