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Self Loading Concrete Mixer Purchase And Replacement

Concrete Mixer Under normal circumstances, Self Loading Concrete Mixer the mixing time to zero after the mixing machine will automatically discharge, but in the production process press the pause button on the console after the mixing time, the mixer did not discharge. At this time to check the concrete mixer on the discharge valve on the solenoid valve to see if the solenoid valve is damaged, the solenoid valve damage to the discharge gate will not open, the mixer will naturally not discharge, the need for solenoid valve maintenance.

If it is not the failure of the solenoid valve, it is necessary to check whether the pause button on the console is pressed. If it is not pressed, press it. Self Loading Concrete Mixer If the button on the console is also no problem, you need to check the computer's monitoring interface, see if the monitoring interface on the monitoring interface is activated, if activated immediately canceled. If there is no problem that the concrete mixer is broken, you need to check the mixer.

The concrete forced concrete mixer is mainly made of sheet metal and steel, welded in the factory, and assembled with other parts, is the whole machine support. Shell sealed tight, there will be no fly ash Yang, leakage of the phenomenon. Shaft end seal with automatic sealing lubrication system, effectively prevent the invasion of mortar, and the use of oil to a minimum. Product standardization is high, Self Loading Concrete Mixer easy to purchase parts and parts replacement, maintenance costs are low, the manufacturing cycle is relatively short, concrete forced mixer price is relatively reasonable.

The concrete agitated mixer is thick and solid, with 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, 120 ° and other arrangement, the maximum aggregate size up to 180mm. Can be completed from zero slump to high slump of various concrete mixing, suitable for high iron, construction, water, road and other concrete mixing.

The concrete is forced to stir the concrete evenly and the strength is higher than that of the mixer. The use of the bottom of the door to avoid the design of the mixer to avoid tipping, both safe and labor-saving, and simplifies the structure, layout more compact and reasonable. Self Loading Concrete Mixer Discharge door using imported hydraulic system drive, compared with the traditional drive form, with a compact structure, Self Loading Concrete Mixer smooth operation, the door positioning accuracy and so on.

The mixing mechanism consists of a stirring cylinder, Self Loading Concrete Mixer a roller and a transmission system. The stirring cylinder is the working part of the stirrer, the stirring cylinder is double cone, the barrel is welded with two pairs of high and low pieces, which are arranged at a certain angle with the mixing cylinder axis respectively. When the stirring cylinder rotates,Self Loading Concrete Mixer But also to the material back to the axial movement, so stirring more intense, stirring 35-45 seconds to reach the homogeneous concrete.